Ahoy Matey!

15 Sep

The latest creation were these super delicious pirate-themed cupcakes. Each white cupcake had a bit of “buried treasure” inside. The treasure was actually M&Ms, but I think I would dig and eat M&Ms straight out of a sandbox if no one was looking!! Each one is topped with chocolate buttercream and handmade chocolate toppers. Yo-ho-yum!


S’wonderful S’mores, Part 2

14 Sep

Last fall, I posted these super yummy s’mores cupcakes. Those were super delicious, but I think these latest creations are s’more-tacular. Really, can you go wrong with mammoth marshmallow toppings and a hunk o’ chocolate in the middle? Aside from the obvious goodies, what we have here is a graham cracker cupcake with shaved chocolate inside. If that’s not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, there is a Hershey’s kiss inside each cupcake. Drooling yet?

Bless This Mess

2 May

Actually, this cake isn’t a mess at all. I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

My photo skills? Not so much. I’m not sure if it’s my camera or my shaky hand. Speaking of shaky hand, I think my cake penmanship is getting better. Now I need to work on getting it STRAIGHT.

Anyway, this is a 2-layer marble cake with vanilla buttercream. It was a beast, but it came out kind of beautiful.

Thanks Easter Bunny! (bawk bawk)

15 Apr

This Easter basket was filled with goodness. It’s a 3-layer chocolate cake, featuring malted-milk eggs and a chocolate bunny — and you didn’t even have to pick through any grass. I know I’ve probably swallowed a blade or two of Easter grass over the years, while wolfing down jellybeans. This solution was much tastier.

Exploring Another Dora

29 Nov

Kids sure love that Dora. Happy birthday Miss Ella!


This was a 2-layer chocolate cake with white and pink buttercream. Yummy. For more pics, check out the GALLERY.


Christening Cutie

8 Nov

Another one for Elizabeth…



Chocolate cake with white buttercream… For more pics, check out the GALLERY.

Sunday Morning E-Cakes

8 Nov

For Elizabeth…


Chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream and a pink “E.”  Wish I had kept the white a bit more contained, but I wanted to load them up with frosting. Who doesn’t like that? For more pics, check out the GALLERY.